3 Items to Make Your Job in Material Handling Easier

You’ve heard the expression work smarter, not harder. In the industry of warehousing and material handling this is very true.

In almost every warehouse application there at least 1 more piece of equipment that could be utilized to make the job safer, more efficient, and easier. There’s ALWAYS room for improvement. Fortunately in the material handling industry, we obsess over what products our customers can use to do just that.

Today, I’ll share 3 types of small warehouse cranes. One of these could be that missing piece you’re looking for: The Jib Crane, the Gantry Crane, and the Jib Crane Accessory.

The Jib Crane reaches forward and has a counter balance in the back for stability. These cranes are ideal getting into hard to reach areas. Automotive mechanics will use these to lift and drop engines. Check them out.


The Gantry Crane is an overhead crane. They are portable, the frame can be a fixed or adjustable height, and it is available in many different capacities. These are ideal for manufacturing and assembly facilities that require movement of heavy material.

The last piece piece I’ll share is a crane accessory that can be hooked right on to your forklift. This item is called the Orbit Telescoping Jib Crane, by Vestil. If you already have a forklift this could be a great option to increase the versatility of your material handling capabilities. The jib connects right to the forks and has adjustable lengths and angles. See it in action here.

Regardless of what size operation you are, it is always important to continuously improve. And in material handling it is our goal to provide innovative ways to make your experience in the warehouse safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

Until next time, be safe and work smarter… not harder.